A Letter From Our President,

Welcome to the Epsilon Omicron Chapter of the Pi Kappa Alpha Fraternity.


The "college experience," what is it? Is it the memories you make, the activities you participate in, or even the successes you achieve? I don’t think that’s it, at least not its entirety. It's the people with whom you make those memories, participate with in those activities, and achieve the success with. That is what the true college experience is. If you walk the path that Pi Kappa Alpha lays out, you will find a brotherhood that challenges you to succeed, opens doors for new constructive activities, and together will create an opportunity for life long friendships. Our diverse backgrounds, interests and leaders provide us with an opportunity to learn and grow, while up holding the four pillars that PIKE was built upon, Scholarship, Leadership, Athleticism, and being Gentlemen (SLAG).


Pi Kappa Alpha at Stephen F. Austin, first chartered in 1960, had an illustrious run and established many traditions and made their mark on this piece of East Texas for 49 years (1960-2009). In the Fall of 2013 we started the daunting process of rechartering our Chapter. Earning the right to wear these letters was a huge task but in May of 2015 we succeeded. Now we boast a chapter with the best men on campus. We have won the Greek Week championship (15,16) every year since we've been back and have won many intramural championships in basketball(14,15) and softball(16) coed (15,16). We have achieved to have the highest GPA on Campus our first year back and have been in the top 3 every year following. All of our New Member classes have either the number 1 or number 2 GPA's every year. Many of our members hold high offices in many school organizations. This discipline in SLAG has set the bar high on campus and we only expect to keep moving it up.


I want to personally Thank you for taking the time to come visit our website. I hope you enjoy looking through our site and seeing how Pi Kappa Alpha can help you get the most out of your college experience.


Sincerely to all and Phi Phi brothers,


Montana Sides


'13 (Alpha Class)


"Best Job I've Ever Had!"


Upcoming Events

Fall Rush


Fall rush is back again and this semester we have huge goals for ourselves. Read more about what we did for Spring rush and our results!


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Brotherhood Events


Brotherhood has become a staple of every fraternity. As for us, we use these events to have fun with our brothers and connect with one another in different ways, see what our plans are for Brotherhood events this semester!


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Football Season


Football season is a great time for our alumni to come out to tailgate with the active members. We also welcome new potentials! Can't wait to see you all!


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President: Blaine Van Buskirk

External Vice President: Chris Wilkerson

Chris is from Waller, TX. A major in Sports Marketing and Kinesiology. He has previously held the position of Public Relations for the chapter before taking over as Vice President. Chris is a member of the Lumberjack football team as well as the SAAC President. Chris is also the head of design and developing this PIKE website.

Contact: chriswilkerson.tan@gmail.com


Internal VP: Jacorrin Moore

Pi Kappa Alpha is dedicated to developing men of integrity, intellect, and high moral character and to fostering a truly lifelong fraternal experience.

"For the establishment of friendship on a firmer and more lasting basis; for the promotion of brotherly love and kind feeling; for the mutual benefit and advancement of the interests of those with whom we sympathize and deem worthy of our regard; We have resolved to form a fraternity, believing that, thus we can most successfully accomplish our object."

Our Mission

Blaine Van Buskirk is from San Antonio, TX. He is a double major in Finance & Economics. Previously, Blaine held the position of social chair and helped with recruitment.


Contact: blainevb1@gmail.com

(210) 324 - 4443

Beaumont, Texas

Pre-Physician Assistant

Historian/Recruitment Committee

Society of Physics Students/ESO/ACC Club

Spring '16 Epsilon class






And with the 42-17 victory tonight PIKE shows it's dominance in basketball. #rushPIKE

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SFA Pi Kappa Alpha, Epsilon Omicron Chapter, was established in 1961. It held steady on campus until 2009. Later it was re-established in 2013. This chapter itself has been around for 5 decades at Stephen F. Austin and is looking to get back to their roots as the top dog on campus!

SFA PIKE, established 1960, rechartered 2014.

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