Welcome Epsilon Omicron Alumni!

The PIKE Epsilon Omicron Chapter is building back to be great, just as it once was. We are expanding into great things and we want you to stay involved and help us out as much as possible. Please continue through the site and get in touch with us!

Upcoming Events

Fall Rush


Fall rush is back again and this semester we have huge goals for ourselves. Read more about what we did for Spring rush and our results!


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Brotherhood Events


Brotherhood has become a staple of every fraternity. As for us, we use these events to have fun with our brothers and connect with one another in different ways, see what our plans are for Brotherhood events this semester!


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Football Season


Football season is a great time for our alumni to come out to tailgate with the active members. We also welcome new potentials! Can't wait to see you all!


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SFA Pi Kappa Alpha, Epsilon Omicron Chapter, was established in 1961. It held steady on campus until 2009. Later it was re-established in 2013. This chapter itself has been around for 5 decades at Stephen F. Austin and is looking to get back to their roots as the top dog on campus!

SFA PIKE, established 1960, rechartered 2014.

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